Friday, May 13, 2005

Problem of the Day

If anyone can solve these two math problems my kids wrote today...let me know. As my mom would say, "They are really tricky!" I'm rewriting them just as they were written by my kids.

"Mrs. Cope had 5 children for totreyol (tutorials) then 4 more came in for totoreyol for math how many papers bo they have."

"There was 30 children the class sat on 4. how many sat are there?" ~I'm not even sure what that one was supposed to say.

FYI...they were supposed to write a word problem using division. I think I might need to do some re-teaching.


Deana Nall said...

Sorry -- math lost me somewhere back around...the 2nd week of kindergarten.

Nice to find your blog...I ran into you and Matt at the Houston science museum right after you guys got married. I was pregnant and I told you we were naming the baby Jenna -- Jenna is now 8 months old and asleep in her crib right now. Did your parents call you "Jen-Jen" when you were little?

Anyway, congrats on school almost being out!

Heather said...

That sound like the kind of math problems I would have wrote in the 2nd grade....I'm terrible in Math! Wish I could help!! hee hee

Heather said...

sounds like I wasn't too good in english either......would it be "that sounds like the the kind of math problems I would have written..." ha ha ha HELP!! I'm old.....I don't remember all the grammar rules!! hee hee