Saturday, June 11, 2005


I woke up this morning at 9:00 to my husband jumping on the bed and telling me that it was time to go running. I tried to explain to him that I was still asleep, but he swore my eyes were open when he came into the room. They weren't...I was sound asleep dreaming about getting my hair cut or something like that. With Matt, its sometimes better to just agree with him...He doesn't really take no for an answer. So I went running this HOT morning at 9:30...way too early! I'm not good in the morning. I'll admit that I was really whiny about it. That's what he gets for dragging me out of bed. I hate running. I've tried to like it, but it's something that I dread. Matt tells me if I would do it more, I might actually like it. That's his philosophy at least. Not mine.

I was so hot after running that we decided to go to the pool. My idea of going to the pool is to lay out for awhile, read a good book and then every once in a while float around in the pool to cool off. Matt's idea of going to the pool is to drag me around and dunk me... He doesn't like just sitting around. He finally got the idea that I didn't want to be dunked and left after 30 minutes. I enjoyed floating around the pool. Our pool is nice because it's never really crowded...Probably because our complex has a lot of students...a few families...and some patients and their families that are living here while receiving treatment at the Medical Center.

While I was getting ready to leave I saw an older couple walk in...Actually he walked in pushing her in a wheelchair. He wheeled her over and helped her take off her bathrobe and sandals. She slowly stood up...with his help...and they walked together to the edge of the pool. They layed down their towels and very slowly stepped in the pool. It took her several minutes to make it down the steps but I could hear her husband talking to her every step of the way. I kept watching from my lounge chair as he helped her walk slowly around the pool... Now there's an example of true love. I know my husband would do the same...he might just dunk me a few times along the way.


Leah said...

Michael was mowing about the same time this morning and he was a sweaty mess. It is HOT!
Who needs a romance novel to read when you have one to watch in front of you?! What a sweet story.:)

Lauren said...

What a precious story of being cherished! BTW, in case I don't get to comment tomorrow, happy anniversary tomorrow!! I am thankful for the example of the marraige you and Matt share with the world. My prayer for you is that you would know many more years of happiness and growth invthe will of the Lord. I love you both! Blessings.

jodyreese said...

Tell Matt that we do not like to be dunked or snuck up on...he simply must learn that lesson! You made me cry with that sweet story about the couple at the pool--try to meet them! I, too, hope you and Matt have a lovely year ago today I was watching Mindy rip flowers around and I was amazed at the lovely things she could do! You were such a beautiful bride--inside and out! I'm so glad you're my daughter! Love, Mom

tine said...

jenna lynn...i am so proud of you for going running this morning...i...did not go running...but good for you!
i hope that you and matt have a wonderful anniversary tomorrow...isn't it special to watch older couples who are so much in love...i know it's hard to imagine loving our matt's anymore than we already do, but what a neat thing to look forward to...falling more in love every day...i love you roomie...and i love cousin matt too!

Heather said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! You are such a sweet couple and such a wonderful example to everyone!! We love you both so much and wish you a wonderful 1st anniversary!!

I really enjoyed your blog!! I agree with JoJo...we hate to be dunked and snuck up on!!! I also hate to be chased!! :) Tell Matt if he wants to wrestle in the pool to come swim with Reid!!

Are you sure that the couple you saw at the pool were not me and Troy???....I'm already getting slow in my old age!! hee hee