Saturday, September 24, 2005


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One advantage of being a Houston "evacuee" is getting to see the cutest baby in the niece, Riley.


tine said...

riley is just precious! i have tried calling your phone, but I think everyone with a Houston area code is on the phone right now...I tried your mom's but I don't know if I still have the right number...anyway...beth and kami want to go to dinner you have any plans??? call you!

Heather said...

baby riley you are so cute and i want to tell you that i like you and I want to say baby riley to come see me.

i want to say hi to her
thats all
Love, Macy

Crista said...

She is so cute, Jenna. You seem to be a very proud aunt. For me, sadly, being an aunt is very far away. I wish, in a way, that Tatum and Van weren't so young. I'm looking at colleges right now and it is so sad to talk about it with Van. He gets sad too. He doesn't quite understand why I won't be at home. He thinks I will never come back. I can't believe they will be in 2nd grade next year! Too bad they can't have one of the wonderful Mrs. Copes. :) Love you. Give Matt a hug for me.