Sunday, November 20, 2005

I've had so much fun this weekend at Justin and Hollie's house...Riley has kept us entertained for hours. She's laughing and giggling all the time. Here's her Halloween picture. You might have seen it already on Hollie's blog. If not, I thought you might need to see it...pretty cute.

Happy Thanksgiving! Along with so many other blessings, I'm especially thankful I have the week off from school. Yea!!


Emily said...

Oh, silly Jenna...if you have the week off-why are you already awake?!?! Enjoy the holiday-and take care of that baby Jack for me on Turkey day! Riley is too cute:)
Love you,

Kenli Shea said...

So thrilled that we are blog buddies. You are the best.

tine said...

can't wait for turkey day in smithville...i wish you were at my house today to watch "oprah's favorite things"!

RPorche said...

Hey Jenna! I didn't know you guys went to New York...sounds like an awesome trip! It was great to see you and Matt at the game. You guys hang in there these next couple weeks, okay? Christmas is coming!