Friday, July 20, 2007

A quick game of tag... (I always hated that game)

I was tagged by Jenny... I'll see what I can write before Reese wakes up...

First memory- I don't know if this is a memory or a memory of a picture... Disney world when I was 2...and mom and Justin got to ride the Dumbo ride...but I had to stay behind and sad.

First kiss- Andrew Andress at the age of 2....behind the Christmas to prove it.

First love- My husband...I mean, we did start dating when he was only 16.

First concert- Amy Grant!!! I love her... She was also my first CD.

First thing you think in the morning- Which time in the morning? 2 AM? 5 AM? or 7 AM? Okay, it's not always that bad...but I usually think, "Is it really time to feed her already???"

First pet- Winnie...I named her after the girl from The Wonder Years. She was a wild I never went into the backyard. I was scared of we eventually gave her away.

First book you remember loving- "Johnny Lion's Rubber Boots"'s a classic.

First thing you think of when you hear the word vacation- to the I can soak up some a book...drink a diet coke...and watch my sister ride the waves. She can stay in the ocean for days at a time...she's cool like that.

First best friend- Sarah Ann...we could play for hours...through many of our brothers' sporting events. I miss her...and hope our kids can play together too some day.

Last time you dressed up- (or in my case...last time I got out of my pajamas) I'm planning on dressing up tonight...for my sister's big acting debut. I can't wait... I'll have pictures to post. She will love me forever for sharing...I know.

Last time you told someone you loved them- about an hour ago when my mom left... She and Brooks came to spend the night, and I miss them already.

Last really funny thing you did- had a was funny.

Last thing you watched on TV- Ellen

And I tag anyone that is related to me...all those cousins and aunts out's you I'm talking to!

And my daughter is still asleep!! Oh she's not. I typed too soon...


annalee said...

what a pathetic memory... the dumbo ride is so fun, that is sad you had to miss it!

annalee said...

ps- i had tomato basil soup again the next day. you have me hooked! so yummy!

atmla said...


Thought I would stop simply stalking your blog and say hello. Your daughter is so cute! It looks like yall are having a wonderful time!

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