Friday, May 20, 2005

Field Day!

Oh what a day! It really was a great day...I'm just wiped out. We have a great PE teacher that plans and organizes our Field Day each year. We were outside from 8:15-12:15 playing water games, having relay races, eating watermelon and popcorn, and blowing bubbles. I have to admit that I had fun too... The kids were hilarious to watch. I know they must be exhausted now. They ran nonstop for 3 hours... and then came in and had pizza, cheetos and cupcakes...Sounds delicious, right? They were so hungry and thirsty that they kind of just shoved it in their mouths.

At the end of the day, we went back outside for recess and popsicles. It was a hot day...and they had just eaten a lot for lunch...and they were running around. Can you put the puzzle pieces together? Can you guess what happened next? Yes...a child threw up. He came up to me with that face...and you knew what was coming next (I apologize if the content of this post is grossing some of you out). I rushed him in the building and kept saying, "Can you make it to the bathroom?" And yes, thankfully he did... It could have been a lot worse.

Back to Field Day...It made me think back to my days at P.E.S (Pflugerville Elementary School) and the Field Days there. Jordan and I were talking about how great Field Day was at P.E.S just a few weeks ago. Jordy, field day at Sugar Mill was pretty good...maybe even as good as Pflugerville's. Although we didn't get to march in with music playing and have a flag for the country we represented. That was pretty fun. Maybe next year...


jodyreese said...

Your first field day as a "real teacher"...such excitement!! I'm sure the Houston heat/humidity was lots of fun...Did you have the "spray bottle" of water to spray on their faces like we did in Pflugerville? Those Janice Swope field days were amazing!! I really think that the night of field day is the "tiredest" a teacher can be!! Sleep well tonight!!!

Leah said...

It was so HOT today! I am sure your little ones were sweaty. Our field day is Tuesday. Kinder only has to do 1 hour. That may be as much as I can take.
Glad he made it!