Monday, May 23, 2005

Joke of the Day...and other thoughts

Some boys ran up to me on on the playground and asked:

"What's the square root of 3.147?"
I don't know...what?
"Blueberry!" (and they ran off laughing)

Do you get it? As in "pi"...Second grade jokes are pretty humorous, I know.

I was also thinking today about what my kids do in their spare time. When they were sharing their journals today, about 3 of the kids wrote that they played playstation all weekend or x-box all day. Others wrote about movies they saw or TV shows they watched. The majority of their free-time is spent sitting and watching. Now I don't have much room to talk...Matt and I did watch all 3 of the Godfather movies this week...but I think he would argue that the quality of our movie choices was much better. Another sad fact...probably half of my class has seen the Godfather movies. They see movies I wouldn't even want to watch. Last week there was a big discussion going on in class about "Freddy vs. Jason"... I told them they were too young to see those movies and that even Mrs. Cope would never watch those movies. They just laughed at me.

I'm thankful I had parents that cared about what I watched. They knew that I had an impressionable mind. What kids see and hear will stay with them forever. I personally don't want "Freddy vs. Jason" to be what I think about when I go to sleep at night. At the time, I thought my parents were mean when we didn't get cable or weren't allowed to watch certain shows...But I hope they know I'm very, very thankful they cared!


Kate said...

It's probably because we weren't exposed to such horror movies by our parents that we ended up watching "Wait Until Dark" every Halloween in high school. At the time I hated having to call my parents when I was 14 to get permission to watch a PG-13 movie, but I do appreciate it now. I think a lot of my students' parents use the mall and movie theater as a baby-sitter. They just drop them off and don't monitor what the see or do there. Only 3 more days!!! Good luck!

Lauren said...

I too am very thankful that I was very naive and that I didn't even know who Freddy Cruger and Jason were in second grade! The fact that your students know these characters of horror shows that our world is changing...quickly! It seems as if the world is changing faster than I can keep up. This fact makes me very thankful for the fact that my life and my eternity belong to Jesus. Hopefully, by the grace of God, my children will know and cling to the only true thing in life! May you continue to quietly proclaim your belief in our King. Be blessed as you finish the year.

GSub said...

Jenna Lynn-
The Blueberry joke made me laugh a lot. It reminds me of some of the birthday cards that you used to send to me! I am glad that you have started blogging, I guess that means I have to bring mine back now. Have a great day.

jkreggp said...

When I am teaching a literature lesson to my high school students I will occasionally refer to a movie. If the movie is rated R I will say "you can't watch it yet because it is rated R and you are not 17, but when you are older and more mature you may want to check it out. It has some redeeming qualities." They look at me like I am nuts. Of course I know they watch R rated movies, but I pretend they do not.