Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I had a sad moment today. I received an e-mail that said ACU was going to deactivate my old e-mail account. Now I know that sounds like a silly thing to be sad about...but I am. I feel like I'm losing several years of my life...all those e-mails. I'm one of those people that finds it so hard to delete e-mails. I have hundreds in my inbox. I also find it hard to delete voicemals. I'm the girl that likes to save every letter (starting in elementary school) in that someday I can read them all again...or let my kids read them? I don't know. I went through and read through old e-mails from friends and family. So many good memories...staying up late and e-mailing friends in the dorm even though they were only one floor away. I read through e-mails from a spring break campaign my junior year in college. I loved that trip...but I had forgotten so much. I had even forgotten some of the people's names (that's sad)...and that we said "roddy doddy" all the time on that trip...don't remember who started that (or why), but it was fun. And now I'm losing those e-mails/memories too. I thought about going through and resending each e-mail to my new account. But I guess I can't keep doing that for every e-mail I ever get...for the rest of my life. I can't keep them forever. Can I? I like e-mails...but I like letters better. I can keep letters in a shoebox at the top of my closet. Or better yet, I wish I had a video of my life (Cousin Matt's idea). I could rewind and remember...whenever I wanted to.


I watched the movie Phantom of the Opera tonight. I loved it. I'm still listening to the music right now as I type. It makes me wish I was a singer. I thought of my friend Christine while watching the movie...for 2 obvious reasons. The main character's name in the play/movie is Christine. And my friend Christine has such a beautiful voice. Christine, I want you to live in Houston with me so I can hear you sing every Sunday at church! Okay? In fact, I want all of my girlfriends to move to Houston. I miss my girls from college. E-mails aren't enough. Being neighbors is a much better option.


GSub said...

Jenna Lynn-
Just a guess but I bet you could print off the emails and then they would become like letters! You could even save them in your shoe box.
I think the life video would be great also, but if you could find the video we made for Christine that one summer at Tuggle's house that would be even better. Who could forget wrestling and O' Brother Where Art Thou.

Molls said...

oh I second the christine voice.....oh how i miss you girls!!

jodyreese said...

Jenna...I have boxes of letters, too, although I have thrown away boxes, too (so no one would say "Why in the world did she save that?"). I guess someday you will look at my letters and think of me! Right now you can think of me and your father in Jamaica having a lovely time! I should have written you a letter that you could save in a box! Love, Mom

Lauren said...

Miss Jenna,
I too am a note saver. I love being able to go back and revisit how much I've been impacted by the people who send them. Rest assured that you are not crazy to want to cling to the precious times in your life. It is also so much fun to look forward to the future and to comtemplate where the Lord will take us as we live for his glory. Love you.
Lauren Cunningham

annalee said...

I just got your blog address and loved finding out what is going on with you, and i especially the shout-out to the nashville campaign. i totally forgot about roddy-doddy too. that is hillarious! what a wonderful trip that was. love you, annalee

Sarah P said...

I too had email deactivation anxiety. Seriously! It's like they're ending a chapter for us! Hard times.
Anyway, hope all is well with you two. I hated we couldn't all get together before we moved away.
Sarah (Wilhite) Paulk

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