Monday, July 11, 2005

It's been awhile since I've posted. It's easier to write when you have easy access to a computer all day...and funny kid stories to write about. I don't have as many stories on my own. And my motivation for writing has been very, very low lately. It's summer...that's my excuse.

My summer break has been great so far. I've spent time in Abilene, New Mexico , Dallas (seeing my cutest niece ever) and of course here in the pool. I've been working up at school today because I's almost time to start back to school! Now I know it's only July 11th...but Matt and I will be in and out of town the next couple of weeks. When we get back...I start school! Scary and exciting. Scary because I have to start teaching again. But also exciting because it's always a little exciting to start a new school year. I liked what Kate Stover (smart girl!) wrote about teaching in her blog. She said she liked teaching because there is always a beginning and an end. I also love (and need) that sense of finality...knowing that you'll get to start it better next time. That's what I'm hoping for this year...that I'll do a better job this time around. I'm also excited about this year because I'm starting the year without the anxiety and the worry....or the question, "What do I do when they come into the classroom?" I've had a year to figure things out...what a difference a year makes!

Another thing that makes teaching exciting...buying school supplies. I still love doing that! I went to the store today and bought folders, magnets, map pencils, paper and other fun teacher stuff. I read once that you shouldn't teach anymore if you can walk down the school supply aisle wihout feeling any excitement. I still get excited! So I guess I'll keep teaching...

ps...You might ask about my excitement level after that first week back at school...It's a lot easier to get excited when I've had a month off.


Rayray said...

Jenna Dahling! what a great thing all this blogging is! I was down in old Abilene in April, checking out a couple of different schools in Texas that I thought would be a possibility...but I ended back up here! I loved reading your blog.. insightful, funny, and inspiring... not unlike the author herself!!

Leah said...

I need to get to school too, bc I will be gone right before school as well. They have locked us out for another week. But, Good for you! Have you hit the sale at Lakeshore yet?!

Lynn said...

Jenna Lynn,

What a lucky bunch of new babies that will enter your class in the next few weeks. I only wish you were at Brown Primary with me. I would love to watch you in action. I am so proud of you and love you !

Aunt Lynn