Sunday, October 23, 2005

I know I've had things to write about these past few weeks. I'll think of things throughout the day, but never sit down to write. Mostly I think of things the kids have done at school. They keep me laughing. I have a boy in my class that likes to write me notes...especially if he's had to "change his color" for not following our school rules. Last week I had a note everyday. He also likes to bargain and negotiate his way out of changing his color. Last week he left me a note and told me I couldn't read it until the end of the day. After he left, I read his note...more like deciphered his note. On the front is said "ind of day". On the inside, he wrote, "you ore Behardon me". Then he wrote his phone number and "coll me Today" at the end. He wanted me to call so we could discuss that I was being too hard on him. He was just trying to solve his problems like any adult would...pretty funny.

We've also been excited about the Astros at our school! It's extra exciting to me because we can wear jeans everyday with an Astros shirt. Thankfully, I have an Astros shirt...but only one. Kids don't care if you wear the same shirt 3 days in a why should I?

Last week after the Astros' disappointing game 5 loss, a few of our teachers had their kids write letters to the Astros encouraging them not to give up. One of the teachers mailed the letters overnight...and we found out later that the kids' letters were posted outside of the Astros' lockerroom for the next game. We were even mentioned in the New York Times. You can read this article...we're mentioned at the bottom. Pretty neat...

Here's what one of the letters said:

"Dear Houston Astos, all Texas believe in you Plese Go To The Word Series! Eveybody in my famly believes. We where sory that yall lost. We will hope you can win on wendesday. Rember, we believe! Sincerely, Your Fan"

Another letter said:

"Come on, Come on Astros! You can do it! Every body is counting on yall Astros. Every body know you can WIN THAT GAME!! Sincerly, Your Biggest Fan"

I think this is my favorite:

"Dear Astros, Go Astros! Don't be sad. You can hit the ball. You can run to the first base, second base and third base and run to home. You can win next time!"

I love those letters!!


jodyreese said...

I think your kids need to write again! Come on Astros, we believe you can win! Hope you are having a great day...those letters are priceless!

Emily said...

Well, jenna-I love reading your little teacher blog so much that you have made the links on my blog...I know, exciting, right? All two people that read my blog(that probably already read your blog) can now get back to your blog! Well, those little letters are too precious, but I am not going to lie I was totally pulling for the Rangers:)Just wanted to congratulate you on making the links...
have a great day!

tine said...

"everybody in my family believes!"
I love that! Wow Jenna Lynn, what a great post...they should make some posters for the stadium that say that! I am hoping that they will win tonight(not in 14 innings however) so you can wear your jeans tomorrow!

Leah said...

see my blog entry today for some more kid writing. that is one of the pluses of teaching these little guys-they keep you rolling.

Kyla said...

Jenna, You have no clue who I am, but I think I know your husband. My name is Kyla (Diles) Gentry. I went to Harding Academy, and I think your husband was in my class through the third or fourth grade. If it is him, tell him hello.

Chris Thompson said...


Sorry about the Stros. Next year. Thank you guys so much. Take care.


Giggi said...

i love your blog and your school stories. what great letters to the astros. what an exciting time to live in houston. now you need to move up here and help the rangers! love ya, aunt kathy