Wednesday, December 07, 2005

2 thoughts this morning... husband is drinking coffee this week. He's a real medical student now. Matt's right in the middle of his last 3 weeks of testing...I don't know how he does it. Last week he resorted to 2-3 Cokes or Dr. Pepper's a day...which is so unlike him. I would walk into the apartment and find coke cans all over the place. This week I persuaded him to switch to coffee...less sugar and more caffeine. Now I don't think coffee will ever be his favorite drink, but he can tolerate it and actually likes to take a sip when I get coffee from Starbucks. I think I've converted him...his father would be so disappointed.


Today in 2nd grade we're making Christmas placemats for a nursing home party. This is such a fun time of year! I let my kids use the computer to find clip art pictures to help them draw sometimes. This morning one little boy came up and asked me if I had a picture of God he could borrow. It was hard to explain that I didn't have a picture and really had no idea what God looked like. I think he even went to the computer and searched the clip art for a picture. He finally had to settle on a picture of baby Jesus...I guess that works too.


jocelyn said...

About a year ago, during Mark's most stressful semester of grad school, he also converted to coffee drinking. He used to be a social drinker, maybe a mocha at Starbucks or something. Today, he is a full-fledged coffee drinker. I think advanced schooling does something to your body that can only be cured by LOTS of caffeine!

I'm disappointed you didn't have a picture of God for your student. You should be more prepared for class, Jenna! :o)

Are you coming to Abilene over Christmas at all? We need to get together sometime before Mark and I leave the country!

Talk to you soon!

Jenn said...

Tell Matt good luck with his next couple of weeks. I understand his pain, we've been trying to get caffeine IV drips for a month now.

I'm glad to see y'all are doing well and I missed you at Homecoming this year. Take care and have a Merry Christmas

Jennifer Grimes

kate m. said...

What a sweet little boy you have in your class! It is like one of those stories that gets circulated as an e-mail forward.

Like your husband, I need lots of caffeine every day. I really wish caffeine came in IV form! Does he go to the University of Houston medical school? Boone had an interview there. Who knows, we may move to Houston!

Brandon Stover said...

I'm proud to see Matt has started to partake in the Caffine binge. Nothing like a little Starbucks to get you going. I saw your brother, sister-in-law and cute little Riley this weekend. They are doing great, even though A-high beat them. Tell Matt good luck and God Bless you guys. Come to A-town and hang out with us.....Please!!

Leslie Hutchins said...

I saw on Mike's blog that Matt was getting ready for rotations. Just wanted to wish him the best from a former classmate. I know he will do well.