Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy New Year!

The holidays flew by! Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love spending time with my family and friends... Matt and I had fun traveling all Smithville, Missouri, Dallas and Abilene. And now we're back in Houston. I started back to school this week, and Matt started his first hospital rotation. It's hard to believe he'll be delivering babies this week! I'm sure it's hard to believe for some of those mothers too...

We stayed up late last night watching the UT game. It was a great game...very exciting! But now I'm tired, and I think I was a grouch today with my kids. I'm sure Matt's tired too. For the first time since we've been married, he had to get up earlier than I did for work. He cracked out at 4:45. I didn't feel sorry for him at all!

Matt and I got a digital camera for Christmas so I'm excited about posting more pictures... Here's a lovely shot of my Abilene girl friends... Jocelyn, Jennifer, Kate and I go back to Franklin Middle School. We had fun eating lunch at Rosa's and catching up...and doing pyramids in front of Kate's house.

And here's a picture of our Christmas tree...which is still up in our apartment. I hate taking down the decorations! Our tree has been up since the first weekend after Thanksgiving. I LOVE Christmas decorations. Anyway...this tree is special because it's my first fake Christmas tree. I grew up with a real Christmas tree but married a guy who has horrible allergies. Matt thought I was kidding when I told him he could take allergy shots during the holidays, but I really was sad about having a fake tree. Oh well...I survived...fake Christmas tree and all!


Deana Nall said...

I'm also allergic to real Christmas trees. I'll never forget how sick I got one year in high school because the Christmas play I was in had real trees all over the stage.

The sight of real trees sitting out with the garbage after Christmas always depresses me. At least you can keep the same tree year after year!

Allison said...

Jenna, My Matt has bad alergies too. I buy the Yankee Candel called Christmas Wreath, and it makes our home smell just like a real tree was there. I love it...even without the real tree. Glad you are doing well!

Leah said...

Williams Sonoma makes a great Christmas Tree scent. If you go now, they might even have it 1/2 off!
We had a charlie brown tree this year since we are in the middle of moving.
Glad you guys got to be with family over the break! :)
Talk to you soon.

tine said...

jenna, i love the pictures...matt and i got a digital camera too, so it will be fun to post more pictures now! that pyramid is great, and your tree is adorable even if it was fake...ours was too, but i hope someday we can have a real ya, tine

Molls said...

Hi Jenna! Like you and Tine, I also got a digital camera. But, I shut down my blog...becuase I was mad one day, and now I dont' know how to get it back up. I'll try today!

Lauren said...


I am glad that you and Matt had a wonderful holiday. I pray that you have a wonderful Spring semester and that Matt does well in all of his rotations! Like he won't! You both remain in my prayers!
Lauren Cunningham

Ashley said...


I so missed you at Christmas but I am glad that you had a good one. This coming year will be fabulous...because we will all be together...all 26 of us. I love your fake tree. Fake trees are the way to go.

Love you bunches,
(just felt like using the old bowling names..:))

Kate said...

I love having friends that can still act like middle schoolers together! I was glad to get to see you in Abilene, although it was too short! Looking forward to girls weekend! I have a picture for you I'll bring on the trip. Have a good week! I'm going back to work tomorrow, but I'm not quite in the teaching mindset yet. I hope it hits me by 7:30!