Friday, September 22, 2006

Happy Friday!

Here are a few highlights from my week:

* The Office premiered on Thursday night! I LOVE that show... It was hilarious. We taped the show if anyone needs to borrow it.

* We ordered pizza Monday night. Pizza might be my favorite food...sad, but true.

* My jeans don't fit anymore. This really isn't a highlight at all...just thought I'd share. I actually had to rubberband the button closed so I could wear my "jeans and spirit shirt" today. I need to go buy some new jeans...I know.

* Found out my friend Katy Ann's coming to visit soon... Yeah!

* Matt and I watched "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" and "Madea's Family Reunion" this week. I thought both movies were hilarious.

* Found out Justin and Hollie are having a baby boy! I'm so excited for them... Now we just have to wait about 5 more weeks to figure out what we're having...

* It actually felt like fall for a few days in Houston. It's back in the 90's already...but it was beautiful for a few days... Fall is my favorite season!

* And of course, visiting my sweet family in Smithville! We had so much fun...being lazy, shopping, eating, and playing with younger cousins.

I think that's about it... That's a glimpse into an exciting week in my life.


Lynn said...

Target has cute maternity jeans. But you know that! All the season openers were great. Grey's and ER. Now, I am hooked on Dancing With the Stars.

You watched 2 of my favorite movies too......but believe me you do not want to see Becky do the electric slide in the theatre with a crowd of black people.

Our weekend is still on for ACU Homecoming right? Can't wait! I hope it is cold!

How come your visit to the 'ville wasn't a highlight? I am sad.

Love you both!

Jenna said...

Thanks, Lynn! Of course Smithville was THE highlight of the week. But I think my mind wasn't going back that far... I was only thinking back to the start of my school week. But that mistake has now been corrected on my post. :)

Love you...and can't wait for our trip!

nana said...

You didn't enjoy your visit to Smithville half as much as we did. Do it again real soon and bring Matt. We do love you and enjoyed having you.


Heather said...

I'm sure you will want to drive from the 'ville to Houston with a Hummer in your front seat again real soon. I'm sure that was real fun...ha ha ha Your such a sweet cousin to do that for Reid. He would have been heart broken if he would have had to leave it. It's charging as I type. :)

JG said...

You have to get maternity jeans from Old Navy. I looked at Target and other places and didn't find any I liked as much as Old Navy's; I've worn them since about week 15-16 until now (jeans are always the first to go, it seems like) and I LOVE them.

Congratulations, by the way! We've heard all the news through the family, of course, but we're so thrilled for you guys. We want to know what baby names you're thinking of. Love you!

Kenli Shea said...

I am so excited for you. Keep posting pics of your belly. Wish I could see you guys.

Ashley said...

Are you as tired as me? Glad you liked Diary of Mad Black Woman and Madeas Family Reunion....glad you took our advice and watched it. Told you it was good! ha!

It was good to see you at dinner a few weeks back. We need to do that more often.

Love you.

RPorche said...

Jenna and Matt--First of all, congratulations on your growing family! I'm so excited for you guys. I know you will both be wonderful parents. Makes me happy.

Also, I'm glad to hear that you watched those two Tyler Perry Movies. His stuff is so good, and it helps us learn about a different culture.

God's blessings on you guys!

Giggi said...

Maternity clothes are so cute now. You've seen the ridiculous pictures of us with smocked blouses and ruffled sleeves. We kinda looked like we were in baby clothes! You're going to be so cute. Glad you're doing good, and hope we get to see you before too long! Matt & Tine had a great time with ya'll in Sville. I'm so glad you all got to meet there. Keep her in your prayers, she's a pretty sick girl and having an awfully hard time getting well. Maybe Matt should just go into gastroentrology. I think our family needs its own expert! Love ya, Kathy

The Rigoulots said...

Hi Jenna! This is Jennifer (Guess) Rigoulot. I heard your exciting news from Beth and I am so happy for you and Matt. I started up one of these blog things, I would love to keep in touch with you!

RPorche said...

Jenna--I need your email address. Please email me:

Lynn said... is time to post. Here are some topics for you or as you second grade teachers like to call them, story starters.
1. Kate Comes to the City
2. I Go to the A Town and ACU Homecoming
3. I Go to the Doctor
4. My Debut in Maternity Clothes Was a Hit
5. Is It Just Me or Did I Used to Have a Navel?
6. Why Doesn't Houston Have Seasons?
7. And one of my students told me, "blah blah blah yada yada yada
8. I Think Motherhood Will Be....
9. This Time Next Year My Life Will Be So Different
10. What Do You Think About Homeschool vs Public School or Private School? knock yourself out and pick a topic. After your nap that is.