Thursday, May 12, 2005

10 more days!

I'm sitting here during my planning period but don't really have the energy to plan, or think, or even grade papers. I'm honestly thinking of things my kids can do on their own when they come the room will actually be calm and quiet. I think I'm just tired of them asking me questions. I'm sure I sound like such a loving teacher.

But I think we're all at that point in the school year where we're drained and counting down the days. Only 10 more days until summer break! That's another reason I love my job. I would miss my summers so much if I had a job that required me to work through those hot summer months.

And the kids are so ready for a break too! I have the sweetest class this year, but each day they seem to get a little louder and a little more inclined to "tattle" on their friends. And I'm at the point where I really just want to look at them and say, "I don't care...Nobody cares whether or not you're first in line or who cut in front of you." But I'm trying to be good and hold my tongue.

Last week I could tell the kids were getting restless. I finally had them working quietly and went around to check their work. One of my sweetest little girls came up to ask me a question...and as she was walking back to her seat, I saw her throw her hands up in the air and do a cartwheel in the middle of the floor. The funny part was that she couldn't really do a cartwheel, so she landed on her bottom with a shocked look on her face that said, "I can't believe I just did that." Of course I thought it was so hilarious and couldn't stop the entire class is laughing hysterically. I just thought how embarrassing it would be for my principle to walk in as one of my kids is doing a cartwheel. I can just hear all the teachers saying, "Oh that new teacher...she has no clue what she's doing. She lets her kids do cartwheels all over the room."

Fun times in 2nd grade!


Heather said...

JENNA!!! YEAH!! I'm so glad you got a blog! How fun....but, the pressure...right?? :) Hope you are having a great week...I'm so glad your my cousin!!

I can't wait to hear about your class!! Your the sweetest teacher I know!! Oh, you and JoJo.. :)

Love, Heather

Kate said...

I'm so glad you're blogging now. And my dad will be proud. Don't feel bad about a student doing a cartwheel. Remember when Mrs. Hundley did that in senior Pre-AP English?? The bell just rang and the students are filing in. My goal today is not to grab, yell, or belittle any student. It may be a long day...

Molls said...

Jenna, so excited to see you last week at the Hendrick Health Club.
We didn't get to talk, I was sad, but I know you were vigirously working out with Tyler Lawrence in aerobics. That was interesting to say the least. :)

Your goals and my goals are quite the same....except I've alreayd screwed some of those goals up today as I'm having to sub during my off period.