Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Kids are Kool

Last week Matt and I went to an event for his school...with all of his fellow classmates. They seem like such great people...very nice and talented. But I was tired from a long week at school and had somewhat of an epiphany at the event...I think I like being around kids more than adults (If you're reading this, then I'm not talking about you... this is only true for adults I don't know. I love all of you!) Okay, I know my statement isn't completely true, and I don't feel like that all the time. I was just having one of those days....and was tired of talking to people I didn't know.

I love working with kids because I feel like I can be myself around problem. Kids are honest and hilarious and loving. And they seem to accept you for who you are...and love you for whatever that may be. Their honesty can really hurt and surprise you...or totally make your day. They'll let you know when your hair looks funny, but the turn around and write you a note that says they like you because you have a soft voice...or that you smell good...or that they just love you.

I've only had my class for a few weeks...but they've already written notes and said things that have carried me through some long days. For instance...yesterday morning (after a crazy morning of rushing around...and feeling frumpy and not cute...and tired), as the kids were walking into the classroom, a sweet child leaned over to me and said, "Mrs. Cope, you look beautiful today." Are you kidding me? I thought about saying, "Straight A's for you...all year long!" ***Now please know that those comments are highly outnumbered by comments such as, "Why is your toe so long?" and "Why did you fix your hair like that?" And who knows what else they would say if they were allowed to talk whenever they pleased. So know that my 2nd graders are keeping me humbled. I just think sometimes, our Heavenly Father knows there are days we need to be reminded that we are His beautiful children...His creation. And that sweet reminder seemed even sweeter coming from one of his littlest lambs.

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Kate said...

I'm glad your kids are encouraging once in a while too! I wish I could be in your kindergarten class listening on the wall. This year at Open House some of my students from last year came by. They were so funny! They were complaining about having to wear ID's at Abilene High, but they had them on at Mann at 8:00 at night to wear them around the middle schoolers. Have a great Labor Day weekend!! Love you,