Friday, September 02, 2005

Most of you probably know this...but Matt and I live right across the street from Reliant Park and the Astrodome. We can step out of our apartment and see people streaming into the area. Last night I heard a steady flow of ambulances and helicopters... It's pretty unbelievable to be right in the middle of it all. I heard this morning that there were about 12,000 people in the Astrodome already...and buses were still lined up waiting to get in. They're now having to send people to Reliant Arena because the Astrodome is full. And they're not sure if they'll have room for everybody. Matt and I walked over to the Astrodome the first night people started to arrive. There wasn't anything to do yet, and the people really hadn't started to arrive. Yesterday Matt was able to get in and ask if they needed medical students to help. He was told they could be hopefully they'll be able to help as more people fill the area. As I was driving to school today, I saw the buses lined up...countless buses full of people from New Orleans. It's so sad. What can we do? We're so close...but still don't know the best way to help these desperate people.


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Molls said...

I feel the sadness too because I am walking distance from Reunion Arena in Downtown Dallas. They are apparently going to be flooding in today and tomorrow. It's scary to me to know how many people will "live" in these arenas for a long time! We also had a bunch of kids check into our school today. It's wild! At least you're offering to help. I'm going to the lake for Labor Day weekend. I know when I return, there will be thousands of people living down the street without a home!
I have lots of fears...but I know that Jesus wants to be His hands and feet! He wants us to serve those who are needy. I have to slap myself in the face a few times to quit thinking about myself and my fears! Mine don't even compare.

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I've been thinking about you and Matt for the last couple of days--ever since we found out they were taking people to the Astrodome. I am overwhelmed by all of this and feel like my hands are tied. I don't have extra room for people to stay with me, I don't have much extra money, I live pretty far away still (though I know that people are coming to Dallas...maybe some will end up in Abilene?). I know that prayer is powerful. But I also want to do something tangible and helpful. I want to use my hands to DO something...I just don't know what.

If you guys find a need, Mark and I would love to help. I'm sure there are lots of people who just need to tell their story and share their devastation and fears with someone. And there are lots of babies to be held and kids to be cleaned up and meals to be passed out. We'll be praying for you guys as you minister in Houston...and seriously let us know if you think they could use our help...

I'm proud of you and Matt both and love you lots!

Your cousin,

Leah said...

I heard if you go to the second floor of one of the entrances, you can volunteer. My co-worker's husband was there today (I think you vol. in 7 hr shifts) and built cots. A bunch of my dad's friends are doing PR work for the event. I think you can help no matter what your skills. Michael has been helping lots of people that have come by the church. Some pretty amazing, but sad stories. Even in Friendswood (where there are no hotels, literally) we already have gotten a bunch of LA students. 4 in kinder so far... We are going to help serve food tomorrow. I am sure you will be getting some new kiddos, too. What a wonderful way to serve.
Luv u guys. :)

Bogle said...

Hey, its Leslie. Just browsing blogs and found yours. Good to hear how you and Matt are doing.

Its sad everywhere you go. I am in Fort Worth and we are hearing about the people from New Orleans all over the place. I feel like all I can do is give money and pray real hard that God deliver these people from these trials. It kills me to think how many people are searching everywhere for the missing parts of their family. What a wild situation. I can't imagine what I would do if it were me.