Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A busy day at school... We registered over 20 kids that came to us from Louisiana. I have a new girl in my class...she's precious. I could tell she was so nervous and scared today. I can't imagine what she's been going through. The other kids welcomed her with open arms...I hope they didn't overdo it. They might have scared her even more...I don't know. It's great to see kids caring so much for each other. Keep them all in your prayers...so many changes!

On another note...to my girlfriends from college...Oprah was in Houston. So were former Presidents Bush and Clinton and many other celebrities. It's strange that they'll all been right across the street from me....probably the closest I've ever been to a President. But I think I was most excited to see Oprah on TV and hear her talking to the people in the Astrodome...she was of course very inspirational and encouraging. Supposedly her show was live today from the Astrodome. I was still at school, so I missed it. Did anybody get to see it?

It's back to grading papers. I've procrastinated for 3 weeks now...and progress reports are due...tomorrow. Can't they all just get A's and be done with it?


George Forgan-Smith said...
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Mike said...

Good morning, Jenna. I know you're glad to hear from "George." Spam on blogs ought to be illegal!

So thankful that this little girl wound up in your class. No one better to love on her and teach her. Don't you know those children are in desperate need of a safe place?

I've been praying for you and Matt. Nothing like having 25,000 new neighbors across the street overnight.

Kate said...

It's amazing to think that you are right across the road from the Astrodome. I'm sure that God is working through you and Matt to be a support to those you come in contact with. I'm glad you will now be a safe and loving person in this little girl's life. Hang in there with progress reports and grading! Miss you!

Big Daddy said...


Yes, they can all get "A's." I have wanted a teacher like that my whole life.

Glad that little girl got you as a teacher.

Didnt see Oprah, but the Mayor in Dallas kicked her and Dr. Phil out of Reunion Arena.


Molls said...

Hi Jenna. I love your stories!! Please write EVERYDAY!
Molly C.

Crista said...

Jenna! I so didn't know that you had a blog. Busy girl...anyway, don't ask me how I stumbled onto this, but I did, and I am happy for that. I love you and Matt. Tell him hey for me.

-President of the Cool Cousin Club ;), ok, I will go back to being 18 years old now. Love ya!